Thursday, March 29, 2012

will someone pass the peanut butter?


Despite what the USDA says, I believe food can be divided into three groups:
  • Good-Good Food = tasty and healthy [i.e. a pear and goat cheese salad]
  • Good-Bad Food = tasty, but unhealthy [i.e. chicken tenders and fries]
  • Bad-Bad Food = neither particularly tasty, nor healthy [see illustration]
While I love spending time with my parents, their quick-picnic is certainly a smorgasbord of the later. I like to pride myself on not being a snob...and I'll never pass up a can of Coke or an Oreo...but potted meat, that's another story.


rachel awes said...

oh my gosh.
just yesterday my hubby brought up the idea of a picnic...which we never do!! + here all your drawing goodness is! (+ i am always thankful for your kindness...the most beautiful kind of spread).

Molly said...

Potted meat? Nothing grosser.

Rebecca Trump said...

eeeeek!!! yes PB+J, no thank you potted meat ;)

fados do lar said...

I love that sort of get aways. A Picnic it's a really cool way to spend some time together with the family :)
A the draw, ... so beautiful! Love it :)

TeresaR said...

I grew up eating Spam-like canned meat and love it, but I won't feed that garbage to my kids. Luckily, they are bigger snobs than I am and don't like anything with high fructose corn syrup, artificial ingredients or food coloring. They're really good about reading all product labels and will chastise us if we try to stop by a fast food restaurant.

You just wait: I'll bet M&M will do the same to you! ;D