Monday, July 23, 2012

getting it on paper

As you may have noticed, we're undergoing a transformation of sorts here.  Edgar and I are happily working to grow our business and have been working at creating a new brand, based our most important tool, our sketchbook.  Here's a snapshot of our work thus far.

Phase 1 : THIS IS TOO EASY...and indeed, it was


Phase 2 : LET'S GO BACK TO SQUARE ONE...a sketchbook

PHASE 3 : STICKING TO THE BASIC SHAPESaosb_branding_phase3




We had a quick deadline to meet with our new branding and fortunately, were able to get to a place we're happy with within a week of starting.  However, the process continues.  Still to go [at the moment]: letterhead, mailing labels, line sheets, updated website, packaging for new and existing work and lots of excitement.


fados do lar said...

This is so great!!!
The most luck on the new brand.

Katherine Thomas said...

That's an awesome logo! I'm looking forward to the next steps!

Danielle said...

Love! Would you have the time/inclination to do this for me??? I'm working on starting a new biz myself & love your style. If not-I completely understand :)

Cindy said...

the new look is wonderful - it feels clean, fresh and open! love that tab on your business card.

gnomeangel said...

It looks AMAZE BALLS! Loving watching the whole thing unfold. As always you guys ROCK!

Terry Banderas said...

Your new brand looks fantastic!!! Great work.