Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the beagle's whereabouts

Pokey hasn't appeared on the blog in some time, but let us assure he's still around and as disobedient as ever. Case in point: Edgar's visual journal entry this weekend:

However, despite his occasional missteps...and time-outs on the deck...Pokey is feeling pretty good about himself these days. Like Reilly before him, Pokey has now been published. It's somewhat ironic that Pokey should make his national debut in The Bark, seeing as he only howls.



Anns Art said...

Don't you just love them though!

Danielle said...

We have two beagle terrier mixes & I'm so glad that they retained the howling part because it's adorable! Though coming home to an accident is never fun.

fados do lar said...

I couldn't help laughing out loud!!!
Adorable! :D

Keith said...

That is brilliant, on both accounts.

aimee said...

i am almost crying I am laughing so hard at this! :D