Friday, October 05, 2012

a balancing act

It's 3:22 am and where am I?  At the computer.  Unlike the past when I just had insomnia, these days we're up at all hours simply carving little niches of time to work.  With each passing day hour the prospects of doing work while Max and Miles are awake get fewer and fewer.  They are very independent these days...independent in an-Evil-Knievel-kind-of-way.  Turn your back one second and they are 'toddling' on the subwoofer or fireplace hearth.  If it's dangerous...that's where they're headed.

Nevertheless, they are the happiest little guys and we are so incredibly fortunate to have this time with our baby boys.  While the days are long, I know the years are short and want to remember it all.  And, in the meantime, I'm happy to be awake in the 3:00 hour, when my mind is clear and the day is full of possibilities.  I can always nap when they do in the morning :)


fados do lar said...

that's a really nice car!
economic type, isn't? :D
do they share it pacifically? :D

anopensketchbook said...

fados do lar - it's funny but Max has really taken ownership over this one. It's so cool to see how one thing interests Max, another Miles :)

Anns Art said...

Your boys sound wonderful but exhausting...enjoy.

no way said...

I know just how that goes, Suzanne, an I know it's not always easy. You do what you have to do to balance work and life and parenthood, and we are both lucky to be working doing something we love and have a good time doing, but it's still hard to get it all done every day!

Kiss those little guys often, and enjoy them at this age. I would love to have Sean back to me at that age, just for a second, so I could kiss his little baby face one more time. When I first started writing my blog, he was about their age, and now he's 7. I can't even figure out how that's possible!

Love to your wonderful little family! xo

Jen Yancey said...

this is awesome :)
they do grow up way too fast. i miss my little madison and emma. sometimes it takes sacrifice to have all that we dream of... including sleep. who needs sleep. i find that i come up with the best stuff when i'm tired.

anopensketchbook said...

Ann, Becky, Jen---Thank you for your notes. We're doing our best to soak up every last bit.

Teresa Robeson said...

I totally cracked up with the "Max's first car" description!

It's so true about the days are long but years are short...I love that reminder. You're so smart to realize it while M&M are still young. It didn't really hit me until I read The Happiness Project a few years ago.