Monday, October 08, 2012

live from times square

This morning Suzanne and I watched Good Morning America's Amy Robach interview her husband, Andrew Shue from Melrose Place. We were taken by the high level of professionalism between them despite their relationship. Right away Suzanne commented: "would you imagine me interviewing you like that?" and without hesitation, I replied: "that is one line I couldn't draw between us". I simply couldn't. Could you interview your significant other without cracking a smile or giving him/her a love look?edgarinterview


Katherine Thomas said...

I think I could do it, with the right mindset. But if they answered something that I knew wasn't quite accurate, or deserved some embellishment, I'd probably fill it in for them!

Teresa Robeson said...

I'm not sure I could interview my hubby...not because I couldn't keep a straight and professional face but because I'd stand there in silence waiting for him to read my mind...haha! After 23 years of marriage, I really do expect him to read my mind sometimes.