Thursday, February 14, 2013

diagram of a family breakfast

cabrera_brueggers Happy Valentines Day! Hope you have a wonderful day planned with those you love.  Ours began the best way I can think of with an outing to Brueggers.  No, it isn't anything really special, but it's these simple times, with the boys in their high-chairs gnawing on bagels, flirting with anyone who shows them attention and squealing for a sip of my sweet tea, that are my favorite.


Jennifer Edwards said...

Love this story of family sweetness! Happy Valentines to all the Cabreras!!

Anonymous said...

I just love those days!

fados do lar said...

i really like the way you both document daily moments in drawings. it's really an awesome legacy for both your kids :D and a delighful for us :D
thank you.