Friday, March 22, 2013

my baby three minutes

happy miles | an open sketchbook


Karen Blados said...

Thanks for the kind comments and encouragement, Suzanne. I envy you and Edgar because I didn't start journaling until the kids were close to three. It's probably my biggest regret that I don't have any "in the moment" sketches of them like this. I've done some from pictures, but it's not the same.

I'm doing well. Seems I have a few rough days and then start feeling better and the kids and husband are an enormous help.

Best wishes, Karen

Keya said...

I am sooooo excited to have found your blog again. I regularly followed year creative journaling two years ago (and prior). I 'lost' it due to a computer change and I occasionally search for you via google but couldn't remember the blog name. I input " artist blog sketch twins" (you had just found out that you were having twins when I lost you) and here you are!. Anyhow, all of that to say I love our work and your dedication to illustrating your life often. You inspired me to do so as well so many years ago and I regained my love of art. Congrats on the beautiful babies. I can't wait to catch up on reading your posts YIPPEE!

Lotti said...

Gorgeous sketch

anopensketchbook said...

Keya! Thank you so much! SO good to hear from you!!!!