Thursday, April 18, 2013

paco and andy


So much of our work stems from our daily routine...including walking Pokey.We had a lot of fun scheming up this birthday card, inspired by two neighborhood dogs we often encounter on our strolls. The first, Paco, is a feisty quarter-pound chihuahua who absolutely despises Pokey.  Every time we cross within 100 yards of his path, Paco breaks into a barking frenzy...if he wasn't on a leash, I have a feeling he might eat Pokey. In contrast, the great dane, Andy, wouldn't hurt a fly, let alone a beagle. I'm pretty sure Andy thinks he's the size of Paco, and Paco the size of Andy. We find humor in the irony of this.  Below is Edgar's initial sketch of the idea.



jodi said...

super cute!

ann @ studiohyde said...

Love your card :)

fados do lar said...

lovely postcard and adorable story :D