Monday, May 06, 2013

an illustrated stamp collection

I don't think I'm ready to start forging great works of art for a living, but our diverse illustration assignment with Our State has led to trying to recreate postage stamps in watercolor.  Here's a few attempts.  It isn't easy, but is SO much fun!  If you're looking for a challenge, I recommend giving it a try!


MoolyBee said...

Very happy! Doodling with watercolors and a little brush gets some of my favorite effects.

I tried to Pin It using your icon link, but it didn't function correctly. Maybe it's my browser (Safari), but you might take a look at the link. Pinterest might've changed something.

Happy Wednesday!

fados do lar said...

i just love stamps - i really like what you did in this sketch :) this made me wanting to sketch some stamps too :)

Rosie_Kate said...

Oh, I love these! Stamps are such a lovely part of life and becoming more "rare" all the time, sadly.