Monday, June 24, 2013

a custom train table for the interns

Who knew that a train table was on the list of benefits employees expect these days?  Max and Miles went on strike from work last week, stating they wouldn't come back unless we had a table like Google and Pixar.  Who were we to argue?  Using scraps he had in the shop, Edgar came to the rescue and engineered a happy train platform for Max, Miles, Thomas and Friends.

train table by an open sketchbook train table by an open sketchbook train table by an open sketchbook train table by an open sketchbook


gnomeangel said...

This looks fabulous! That Edgar - is there nothing he can't do? ;) :)

And what's great is it will be able to grow and change with their needs. Today a train table - tomorrow and arts and crafts table - and then one day a coffee table in their dorm room!

martinealison said...

Ils sont adorables ces deux petits bouts de choux !
De biens jolis photos...
Gros bisous

ann @ studiohyde said...

Those little train sets are great for kids, and how clever to make a table just the right height for the boys. Do they argue much when they play?

Rosie_Kate said...

That table is fantastic!

My little guys play almost exclusively with their wooden train set these days. Every day they spend collective HOURS on the floor with the train track. There is plenty of bickering, too, but they manage all right.

Edgar Cabrera said...

@gnomeangel thank you for your comment! It flatters me coming from someone as talented as you :)

@martinealison Thanks so much! Glad you like the photos.

@ann @ studiohyde Thank you Ann. They argue here and there, but they spent quite a bit of time play with it. This new distraction helps us get some work done!

@Rosie_Kate Have they tried to break it apart? I had to nail this one to the board.

MoolyBee said...

I love it! The natural wood is so nice looking instead of bright primaries all over the place.

Must be awesome to make what you think of, and have it turn out lovely. (Ex: Stationery show desk...)