Monday, July 01, 2013

mini watercolor portraits

Over the last few days our studio has been filled with children...and not just our interns!  You may remember that week before last I posted a couple watercolor portraits of some irresistible toddlers [here + here].  Well, one thing has led to another and in the time since, we've had the opportunity to illustrate several more cuties! These are commissions we couldn't love more: personalized, small and sweet!

If you know a tot that just beggin' for his or her own watercolor painting, send us a note at hello [at] anopensketchbook [dot] com and we'll be happy to provide details!

mini watercolor portrait

mini watercolor portraits

mini watercolor portraits

mini watercolor portraits



ann @ studiohyde said...

Oh my goodness, these are gorgeous.

Kim said...

Gosh these are adorable!

MoolyBee said...

SO CUTE! Nom nom nom eat 'em up sweetness.

(the cuteness, not the kidlings, wasn't going for scary...)