Tuesday, July 02, 2013

the surrendering of the pacifiers

surrendering the pacifier

June marked the end of yet another era!  It's no exaggeration that Miles hardly went 15 consecutive minutes the first two years of his life without a pacifier in his mouth.  As such, we had real concerns about how we were EVER going to get him [or his brother, for that matter] to 'kick the habit'. Thankfully we got a great tip from some friends, to trim the nipple a tiny bit at a time until they lost interest.  Sure enough, it worked!  About three snips in, both boys were bored with what was once considered a lifeline.


martinealison said...


Bravo et toutes mes félicitations aux petits bouts qui deviennent de bons "gars" !
Gros bisous

Le dessin est génial et je suppose qu'il est esquissé par nos deux artistes !

Rosie_Kate said...

woo-hoo! That's really great! Maybe I will try that with my little binky addict. He only uses it for going to sleep, so I'm wondering how hard it will be for him to learn to fall asleep without it.