Monday, November 11, 2013

merry and bright in avery county


I'm really proud to share with you our newest holiday card, inspired by the many fields of Christmas Trees that dot the mountains of my hometown.  Avery County, known affectionately as 'The Fraser Fir Capital of the World,' is such a beautiful place and I will always be proud to call it home.  I hope this comes through clearly in our new card.

And here's a bit of the process behind this design.  Edgar was the one to conceptualize a field full of brightly lit trees.  Wouldn't this be amazing to see in real life? As is the case with most of our work, from this starting point we bounced the design back and forth to one another, trying a variety of media and styles before finding a final product we were really happy with.

Interested in sending these out this Christmas?  Find them in our store.


img043 aos_christmastreepatch_marker


ann @ studiohyde said...

Brilliant design you two, congratulations.

Rin Ohara said...

So lovely, I like it ^^

Rosie_Kate said...

This is just lovely!

ernø said...

so nice, lovely !!

Genine Carvalheira said...

This is a beautiful card!!!

I'll be down in Greensboro next week and am hoping to get over to Just Be to get some in person!!!

Happy Holidays!

Genine (broadhurststreet)