Monday, January 13, 2014

mamaw in uppercase!

This is what its like to feel humbled.  

On New Year’s Eve my sisters and I lost our last surviving grandparent---our mother’s mother, Mamaw, nearly a year to the day that our grandfather, Pap, died.  If I were to paint you a picture of what grandparents are supposed to be like, they’d be the perfect models.  I have nothing but good memories.

A few years ago, Mamaw gave me a Singer Feather sewing machine that had been passed down in our family.  I’m not a seamstress, but I guess Mamaw felt I was creative and would appreciate it.
Little did either of us know at the time that a print would come from it that would 1) help kickstart my dream of being an 'real' illustrator and 2) would end up being featured in my favorite magazine in the days following her death. 

I don’t have the words.  

Read my original post on the print here.
Get a little preview of the current issue of Uppercase here.

[Photo Courtesy of Uppercase Magazine.]


Joy said...

Ohh, this is beautiful Suzanne. What a lovely tribute to your grandmother.

As a side note: this same issue also includes a photograph that my dad took, honouring his papou (my great grandfather). All of these warm memories of family are so special.

Moose said...

Fabulous! those little machines are truly workhorses and will live 4ever. Woof + tail wags ~moose

Rebecca Trump said...

I have ALWAYS loved this print! My mom and grandma also taught me how to sew and gave me my first machine :) Such a special memory!
Congratulations...and that print hangs in my mom's sewing room :)

ernø said...

so nice !!

anopensketchbook said...

Joy! This is wonderful! Can't wait to get my issue in person and check it out!

Moose :) Woof, woof!

Rebecca--So happy to hear! Thank you!!

Erno--thank you too!