Wednesday, February 19, 2014

when the twinterns are away, the parents will play

Max and Miles went to stay with their grandparents this past weekend so Edgar and I could spend some time in the studio emptying the reservoir of ideas that have been filling our minds as of late. Here's a little glimpse into our process.

:: trying out our favorite 'old' tools for new purposes ::

:: revisiting 'first year' with trace paper and chartpaks ::

:: inspired by the purple phlox that covers the ground in spring ::

:: painting fueled by sweet tea and some good ol' Reba McEntire classics ::

:: determined to find an answer to sad and dull sympathy cards ::

:: a new approach to an old print ::

:: how to paint a 'cardinal that isn't a cliché' study ::

:: marking-down many of our golden oldies to make room for the new products ::

:: stumbled upon a photo of the #twinterns 'triplet' in an old photo album ::

:: miss my boys...isn't it time for them to come home? :: 


Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

its so great that you two can be creative together

ps Love the typewriter- its amazing how useful they still are.

gnomeangel said...

Love all these little hints of works in progress. Can't wait to see them all come to life and be unveiled. Those boys are just too adorable!