Wednesday, May 21, 2014

mini greenhouse in the making

It's been a dream of Edgar's for some time---a little greenhouse for our backyard, made entirely from salvaged materials.  It's finally coming together!  The less money we spend on this one, the more accomplished we'll feel.

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martinealison said...

Un très joli dessin qui nous montre votre ingéniosité pour créer une serre à bas prix ! Bravo !... et pour le dessin et pour l'idée géniale.

Gros bisous ♡

Katherine Thomas said...

Your home and yard are beautiful. The whole yard looks like a big greenhouse, but I can understand why the little enclosed greenhouse will be such a delight. The drawings are so good, and what a great way to show the home of two artists!

gnomeangel said...

Wow - this is awesome. We've talked about a green house too (Especially given our winters) - but it's a little lower on our current priorities... a chook pen seems to be center stage at the moment. Although hearing that you're making it out of selvedged materials makes it seem more possible.. can't wait to see what you grow (and what works of art it inspires!).

Emily Wilson said...


Ask The Nail Tech said...

Hi, We have a garden and have had voles issues this year. argh! I love this idea.