Tuesday, June 10, 2014

the story of my life...at present

[please note: no illustration today due to complete lack of creative fervor]

It's 1:49 pm and I'm just sitting down to work for the first time today.
I can hardly see straight.

Currently: the boys are washing their toy tractor under Papi's supervision.

Already today we've:
underslept [5:30 for Max and Papi]
watched 'George'
made toast
refused to get dressed
delighted in the prospect of wearing Thomas the Train Shirt
cleaned room
read 3 books
exchanged Thomas the Train Shirt or Superman Shirt
pressure-washed the shed with Papi
gotten wet
gone for a ride
learned to enunciate Chick-Fil-A
visited the park
met a mother of 6---how is it possible?!?
learned to identify moss
learned to identify grass
learned to identify pinestraw
napped in the car
made Papi snap
repeated first bad word
eaten pasta
eaten grapes
eaten rice-crispies
refused to take a nap at home
listened to Spanish kids' music
washed windows
washed refrigerator
washed floor
washed walls
pow-wowed in a teeny-tiny-tent
made a pretend fire
pulled hair
held and, quite unfortunately, killed a baby frog
played with at least three worms
had one major 3-year-old meltdown
narrowly avoided a meltdown of my own
...and the rest---I can't even remember

It's 2:13 and I'm going to sneak in a quick nap.


Jennifer Edwards said...

Oh Suzanne! Or maybe this is written from Edgar's perspective...anyway..I don't know HOW you guys do it. It is great that you are a team in all thing work and parenting! Hang in there!

Jennifer Appel said...

Courage! We are cheering for you :)

Anonymous said...

I love hearing all this! it reminds me of days not so long ago when I wondered how would get through the day with my own gruesome twosome!

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Priscilla said...
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Priscilla said...

It's all normal. You can do it! Go Mom and Dad! I did it and survived and I'm not even close to being super mom.

I could have written this about 14 years ago. Some things you just don't forget, and somehow the memories are so precious.