Monday, December 15, 2014


We sometimes hear that people have a hard time distinguishing between Edgar's and my handiwork. I can see how this is the case, as, creatively, we enjoy collaborating throughout the entire design process--each doing what we enjoy, handing the brush, pen, mouse...back and forth...back and forth...until we're where we want to a team.

However, there are a few things each of us does on our own, independent of one another.

Pet portraits are Edgar's---and, not to sound like a gloating wife---though I am---I think he is so good at them.  He loves animals---almost as much as he loves plants...and sees each as a personal challenge to bring paper and ink to life and, in the process, provide another moment with a best friend.  I can't help but feel a piece of The Beagle is in each and every of these.

This morning's work : Maddy, for a loyal friend of An Open Sketchbook.


Katrin said...

Cute :)

Erin said...

Thank you SO much! I got her in the mail yesterday, and I am so in love <3 This is such a special present, and I am so happy that Edgar put so much love into it. Thank you, thank you!!

Michelle Webb said...

Love your cat painting. Michelle x