Monday, December 01, 2014

patience is a virtue

Edgar and I currently get 16 hours a week twintern-free.  Therefore, I don't consider us stay-at-home parents in the traditional sense.  However, this past week, during the Thanksgiving Holiday AND the most deadline-filled-time-of-year, we only had 8 hours to ourselves to work.  We definitely enjoyed our break, but we also definitely enjoyed dropping the boys off at school this morning.  Cheers to you parents with patience everywhere.  Could you send some our way?


martinealison said...


Le rôle de parent n'est pas toujours le top !... Celle ou celui qui me dit "non non, je n'ai jamais pété un plomb", je ne le crois pas !!
J'ai eu 4 enfants (maintenant ils sont tous partis de la maison) et j'avoue que je leur aurais bien souvent retiré les piles !

Gros bisous ♡

Karen Blados said...

It's a little easier when it's not twins, but I was never able to get much done during normal business hours. Even when my husband is home and I say I'm working, the kids still come to me first. Forget that ... the husband asks me questions, too! It gets better sooner than you think and then you miss feeling needed. ;-)

obat stroke said...

thank you