Tuesday, March 07, 2017

little shootings of white and green

This week has been difficult...my dad passed away a year ago this past Sunday and today is his birthday. Grief is hard--a muddy water I've spent the past 12 months trying to learn to navigate. I've found the best thing I can do is focus on what's good and pay extra attention to all signs of spring, and the newness that comes with it. I especially love the flowering Bradford pears that dot Greensboro's landscape. There is such promise in these little shootings of white and green. Spring is coming! 


martinealison said...


Je comprends votre tristesse et votre chagrin... Il y a des dates heureuses qui deviennent douloureuses.
Demoiselle Printemps s'installe peu à peu et toute la renaissance qui l'accompagne.
Une belle pensée pour vous...

Gros bisous ��

Limner said...

Spring always makes me happier. My youngest sister left us in the spring. I see her in the renewal and rebirth that surrounds us, yet cannot remember the date of her passing. Spring eases my heart. Promises of life and birth offer us Hope.

Your heart eases without notice. Be well.